• Brad Michaels

    Brad Michaels

    Mornings with Brad Brian & Keliegh

    Confession #45 he keeps some people's phone numbers in his phone so he knows not to answer when they call. If there was an award for eye rolling he'd h...

  • Keliegh Butt

    Keliegh Butt

    Mornings with Brad Brian & Keliegh

    When Keliegh isn't living life outdoors, you can find her drinking wine, running, or drinking wine while running (they go hand in hand she thinks). Ke...

  • Brian Bradley

    Brian Bradley

    Mornings with Brad Brian & Keliegh

    There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes (welcome to NL), and Brian having a beard. You know what they say Happy wife happy life. His wife like...

  • Randy Snow

    Randy Snow

    Randy Snow - Weekday's Noon to 6PM

  • Jeff Lewis

    Jeff Lewis

    Jeff Lewis - Evenings

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